Child Dental Care


When to see a dentist

It is recommended that all children visit the dentist when the first tooth pushes through or by 12 months of age and take care of a child’s dental care. Taking a child to the dentist early and when there are no problems with their teeth, allows them to get to know their dentist, have a positive experience and make future visits more familiar.

All children should visit the dentist regularly (every six to 12 months) for a check-up, even if they don’t appear to have any problems. Visiting the dentist regularly can help prevention, early detection, and management of tooth decay.

By exposing your children to visiting the dentist at a young age, they are able to develop healthy oral habits and to maintain their high-level care. Child dental care has the purpose for long-term benefits and health improvements. 


Key points to remember

  • Children should have their first dental visit when their first tooth comes through.  
  • Children should see a dentist regularly, usually every six to 12 months, even if they have no problems with their teeth.
  • Children should brush their teeth twice a day, using toothpaste containing fluoride, from 18 months of age.
  • The main drink for children should be tap water – avoid sugary foods and drinks.
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Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Government provides $1000 for bi-annual dental care for eligible children.

Please call 56274011 to check the eligibility of your child.


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